Auto Accidents

We are a multi-disciplinary facility that provides a pleasant, caring atmosphere in which to recover from injury or long-term pain problems. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitative care and is devoted to providing the finest treatment available.

Medical Management

All treatment regimes include a thorough assessment. After a medical history review and physical evaluation, a treatment plan with a healthcare team is established using a vast referral base of providers.


For patients needing chiropractic attention, Galveston Accident & Injury offers the services of a board-certified chiropractor, who oversees all physical therapeutic services and administers chiropractic treatments.

General Therapeutic Treatments A wide range of therapeutic treatments are available to help patients regain physical skills and aptitudes.

Massage Therapy

Administered by registered massage therapists, soft tissue techniques promote circulation by releasing the body’s natural endorphins and reducing muscular spasms. Encouraging patients to relax decreases pain and helps in reducing stress, which could lead to anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Physical Medicine

Our facility’s structured physical medicine program focuses on helping the patient reverse muscular atrophy and regain the strength and confidence to resume normal activities. Additionally, we develop and teach specific, simple programs designed to provide patients with pragmatic (no tech/low tech) rehabilitation skills allowing the patient to become independent in self-care.

Diagnostic Studies

Physical/functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, muscle strength tests, range of motion studies, NCV and EMG evoked potential evaluations are performed on-site to facilitate patient access, decrease anxiety, and reduce patient travel time and cost.

Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Our goal is to lead patients back to gainful employment. Physical medicine regimes with varying levels of difficulty are used with educational material, rehabilitation equipment, and psychotherapy. Licensed and experienced staff administer these services.

Work Conditioning Program

An individualized treatment program is created using real or simulated work activities in conjunction with conditioning tasks. This program is customized to meet individual needs according to their profession.

Work Hardening Program

A structured, goal-oriented, individualized treatment program is designed to maximize the ability of the patient to return to work. This program addresses specific requirements according to their profession.

Vocational Training

We utilize the services of various organizations in order to assess a patient’s ability to regain the skills necessary to resume a career and set a realistic timetable for achieving this goal. If returning to a previous career is not possible, then patients will receive guidance in seeking a new career path based on their potential.

Injury Prevention Consulting

We provide specific industry-focused injury prevention programs aimed at reducing lost time at work, increasing productivity, and reducing the rising cost of medical expenses. Post-offer employment testing, D.O.T and non-D.O.T. drug screenings are available.

Pain Management Program

We utilize a variety of methods to reduce pain, improve sleep, and manage mood disorders in an attempt to help the patient improve their quality of life.

Interventional Anesthesia*

For patients in need of invasive pain management treatment, we collaborate with board-certified anesthesiologists, who specialize in the treatment of pain disorders.

Chronic Pain Management*

This program provides those with chronic pain syndrome coordinated, goal-oriented, interdisciplinary services to reduce pain, improve functioning, and decrease the dependence on the healthcare system.


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